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The Urbana Park District, located in Urbana, Illinois, maintains parks and facilities and offers recreation programs for Urbana citizens. With 22 parks comprising nearly 600 acres and hundreds of programs, we hope that you’ll find lots of activities to enrich your life.

Urban Park was formed in 1907 based around Crystal Lake. We sure have grown since then.

Our Parks

This is a partial list of the parks in our system. We invite you to check them out. We hope that you find them enjoyable for you and your entire family.

crystal lake park
crystal lake park

Crystal Lake Park

206 W Park St., Urbana, IL

144 Acres

It features an expansive forest and a scenic drive. Crystal Lake Park is home to lots of amenities including a lake house and a playground.

Crystal Lake Park is undergoing major improvements. There are always events going on. The summer is the perfect spot to relax with friends and family. You can rent boats and even fish when the weather is really superb. For those of you who prefer not to go out in the water, a fishing pier is also available.




Sand Volleyball


Busey Woods

urbana dog park
urbana dog park

Dog Park – Perkins Road

1501 E Perkins Road, Urbana Il

10 Acres

When you arrive you should know that there is free parking located off Perkins RD. This area is devoted both to a dog park and a site restoration area which together, take up about 60 acres. This is an off-leash dog park and it’s open from the moment the sun rises and closes at sunset. It provides loft of shaded and open meadow areas. It’s a great space for your pet to get some much-needed exercise and socialize with his or her peers.  There are both fenced in areas for small and larger dogs.

There is a cost of $5 per day for visitors to the park. Or you can purchase a membership.  This can be done at the Phillips Recreation Center. If you do decide to purchase a yearly membership, you also will have access to the Champaign Park District Dog Park.

Cost of membership:

One dog: $38

Each additional dog: $6

For Dog Park Rules please contact a staff member: 217-367-1544

Perkins Restoration Area

Currently, this area is not open to the public.  The UPD is currently is currently in the process of restoring the area. This area will be home to activities such as bird watching, educational events, and other programs.

Rent A Park

The Urbana Park District allows organizations to rent Meadowbrook Park and Crystal Lake Park for community runs and walks when not in use for park district events.

Sportsfields are also available for rent when they are not being used by the Urbana Park District for normal activities.

To start the rental process, please visit the Phillips Recreation Center, 505 W. Stoughton, Urbana and complete a rental request form.

Things you should know about Urbana Park District rentals:

  1. At least two weeks notice is required for all rentals.
  2. Pavilion rentals require payment in full before rental is final. The registrar at the Phillips Recreation Center will work with you to complete the pavilion rental process. You may complete this process in person at the Phillips Recreation Center or by faxing back a rental form.
  3. You must complete the registration process in person for all facility rentals, as they require the completion of additional rental forms. Facility rentals require security and damage deposits to finalize rentals. A facility manager must approve rentals before they are final. Full payment should be made as soon as possible but must be made by two weeks before the rental date, or you forfeit the rental.

Ambucs Park

ambucs park

Jean Driscoll Pavilion

$110/time slot

The Jean Driscoll Pavilion is an open-air facility and accommodates up to 120 people. Amenities include a playground, restrooms, large round grill, water fountain, electricity, lights on a timer system, and accessible parking.

Nick Santi Pavilion

$95/time slot

This pavilion offers a large, double barbeque and seating for up to 64. Amenities include electricity, handicapped accessible play features, and a playground.

Crystal Lake Park

One of the areas most popular among our visitors. It’s home to a lake-house, pavilions you can rent, and a playground.

Large Pavilion

$110/time slot

The Large Pavilion is an open-air facility accessible from Park Street and overlooks Crystal Lake. It has seating for groups up to 175. Amenities include a large grill, electricity, water fountain, lights on timers, two horseshoe pits, playground and volleyball area with a net. Port-a-potties or portable toilets are available. Parking is easily accessible.

North Woods Pavilion

$85/time slot

The North Woods Pavilion is a shaded outdoor site with barbecue facilities, sand volleyball, electricity, lights on timers, restrooms, seating for up to 48 and nearby parking.

Meadowbrook Park

Formerly occupying a space called the McCullough Farm, the park occupies converted into unpaved and paved trails great for walking , and various gardens (organic, sensory, herb). There are even play spots for kids (PrairiePlay) and an sculpture garden.

Garden Pavilion

$95/time slot

Located in the heart of Meadowbrook Park, it is surrounded by hiking trails, re-created prairie, and an organic and herb garden. It has seating for up to 64 people and also includes electricity, water fountain, restrooms, and lights on timers. No grills at this location.

PrairiePlay Pavilion

$85/time slot

This pavilion is adjacent to PrairiePlay playground and can accommodate a group up to 48 people. Other features include electricity, water fountain, restrooms and lights on timers. No grills at this location.

King Park

Named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is located next to King School. Its acreage has grown over the years through the procurement of many parcels of land. The community here is very active and there are many amenities including 2 tennis courts, paved paths, and a gazebo

Jettie Rhodes Pavilion

$95/time slot

This pavilion is perfect for family reunions or other gatherings. It offers seating for up to 64 people and access to grills and seasonal restrooms. Electricity is available. Nearby features include tennis courts, playground equipment and a walking path.

Other available shelters

The following parks have shelters available for free in a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Blair Park
  • Crestview Park
  • Crystal Lake Park
  • King Park
  • Victory Park

The Urbana Park District, and many of its parks, facilities, and natural areas, are the result of the generous support of individuals and organizations who have made gifts to purchase land, develop new or maintain existing features. The quality of Urbana.s parks, and facilities is greatly enhanced by this support, and it often makes it possible to provide something the park district could not do on its own.

Thank you to Rentkidz for their support.

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Outside sources of support often make the difference. If you are interested in finding out more about the needs of the Urbana Park District and how you can help to make an impact on the parks, programs and facilities that our community enjoys, please contact Ellen Kirsanoff, Development Manager for the Urbana Park District, at 367-1536, or by email at erkirsanoff@urbanaparks.org.